McDonald's Book Exchange
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Hardback Books
​Hardback books are approximately 1/3 of the retail price.

New, Premium, Hard-to-Find & Collectibles are priced individually and store book credit may not apply.
We carry several genres: general fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, thriller/horror, mystery, romance, non-fiction, young adults, children's and more!

A small selection of magazines, CD's, and DVD's are also available. 
Store Book Credit
Store book credit may be used for up to 60% of the total purchase, with a minimum of 40% of the sale paid by the customer. Store book credit slips have no cash value and do not have an expiration date.

Store book credit is determined by dividing our selling price by two. 
Book Requests
Can't find your book on our shelves? Ask one of our staff to add it to our Book Request List. We will contact you when the book comes in.

Books can remain on the list for up to 6 months.